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World History: The Home Version!

You can still turn in "old" work! Take pictures of your old work, and explain what you want me to look at. Let's keep the work rolling in and bring up our grades! 
You can also do the work using the attachments on this site. Simply download the assignment, complete it, and share it with me! Wow! That was simple...and good!

If you missed the classwork check, the assignments numbers were:
3rd period: 3, ,4, 9, 12, 16
5th period: 4, 12, 16, 17
Take a picture, send it (them) to me.

Wednesday 3/18/20

1. Finish "Killer Flu"
(see column to the right for the link to the clip. Click on link)

You can find the assignment on the World War I page, in the attachments section, titled "1918 Killer Flu"

3rd period - start at 36:00

5th period - start at 39:50

Take a picture of your film-sheet (all pages) and send the pictures to me (my email is on the home page of this site. You may also fill in the film sheet using Google docs, and then share the doc with me.

2. Lastly, complete the handout, "Casualties of the First World War".
You can find the assignment on the World War I page, in the attachments section, titled, "Casualties of the First World War". Download the assignment into Google docs and share with me when completed.

3. Work on your WWI study guide.

Friday 3/20/20

1. Complete the assignment, "A New Look for Europe". You can find the assignment on the World War One page on my site, in the attachments section. Share the assignment with me.

These maps will help with the assignment:

2. Continue to work on your WWI study guide.

Monday 3/23/20

If you have not completed the propaganda assignment (check Aeries), please finish the assignment, share your posters with me, and send me a picture of your handout.

Wednesday 3/25/20

1. Please check your progress on Aeries. Let's "clean-up" our grades by turning in the current assignments, while catching up on "older" and incomplete assignments.

2. Finish the WWI study guide, take a picture of each page, and send to me.
3. Find your geography trivia study guide (General Geography Final Study Guide), take a picture of each page, and send to me. WAIT! Don't stop reading! If you finish the study guide by adding the trivia to the Nations of the Former Soviet Union and Australia / Oceania / Antarctica, I'll give you EXTRA CREDIT for the assignment. The study guide AND the trivia can be found on the "Geography" page of this site.

Friday 3/27/20

It looks like many of you are keeping up with the work. Good. We should have most of our "loose ends" cleaned up at this point.

Remember when we did the letter home from the front prep a few weeks ago?
Here's a link to the assignment if you have forgotten:


Now we are going to write the letter.
The link to the assignment is here:


Follow the instructions on the handout. Don't forget to include a bibliography. Mrs. Martin has a clip on the assignment and the sources / citations for you to look at. You can find it here:


Here is a link to the library pathfinder:


Here is a link to the passwords for the library resources:


Regarding your TWO sources (your bibliography), please highlight EACH source (in the bibliography) in a different color.
Next, highlight "where" you used the information in your letter. Use the same color you used in your bibliography. I want to see where you actually used your sources, and I want to see if you actually used TWO sources.

Here is an example of a letter with the highlighting:


Remember, you are using TWO sources.

Remember to follow the assignment handout (please see above).
You are not writing an encyclopedia entry, or a script for a documentary about WWI. You are writing to someone you know. Write to them about your "experiences". If you describe what you are seeing, feeling, hearing..., you should be able to cover the four themes of the letter.

Normally, we would do this in one block period. This should not take too long. When finished, share the letter and your bibliography. If you have any questions, let me know, but look at the instructions, the library page, Mrs. Martin's clip, the example... before you ask.

That should "clean-up" everything that was "loose in our class.
More to come next week...

"You wake up late for school, man, you don't wanna go"
- (You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (To Party!)

Good News! Now everyone can "play" world history at home.

Clips used in class!