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Songs No One Should Miss!

Here we go! These are songs that I think are important. They may have no meaning to you, but if I were making the decisions around here, this would be the place to start when it comes to songs.

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Song of the day!

This is a powerful yet "simple" song. It is everything that Dio was. As Kyle Gass and Jack Black wrote regarding Dio in their song Dio, "He has songs of wildebeests and angels, He has soared on the wings of a demon". R.I.P. Dio 1942-2010.

Oh, Pretty Woman by 

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Simply put, this is one of the greatest singles ever produced. Both versions are great! Roy Orbison is one of the legends of rock and roll. You should really check out both him and his music. If you do nothing else today, check out Roy Orbison! The Van Halen video is kind of silly, but it includes the intro, "Intruder".

The "holy trinity" by the Rolling Stones

Songs related to Social Science!

This song is spectacular on several levels. It is great music. It is also a great way of telling a tragic story. Listen to the words. They speak of the struggle that never ends; the way we treat others. When I was a kid, many adults explained to me how metal was evil and could only hurt those that listened to it. This song proves them wrong. Metal (and any other genre of music) can teach.

Songs that are great!

Songs every American should know!

This one is obvious. I know some of you are thinking, "the national anthem is not cool". In response, I will quote Emperor Palpatine from Return of the Jedi, "Young fool. Only now, at the end, do you understand". Even if you do not care about the anthem itself, click on the link and "learn" how the anthem is cool. Now you have really gone to school.