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              These are simply photos of people (or characters) I admire, photos I think are funny or interesting, volcano photos, and photos of cats.
Click to see a larger version (especially the volcano and cat photos)!
When you get the chance, look up James Randi, Sauron, and Magneto. It will be well worth your time!
Most of the photos were not taken by me.
Reggie Jackson!


Thirsty Cat!

 Stan Lee!

Good Answer!

Speaks for itself.


A volcano in Chile!

Mr. Bosch!

A cat on the moon!

Dean's Deck Sacramento State v. Idaho State 2015

Mt. Cleveland (2006)!

This is a problem!

Evil Dead: The Musical 2015

James Randi (The Amazing Randi)!

Volcano lightning!

Not my job!

At least it's fixed.


Cat picture of the day!

Derek Jeter and Curtis Granderson!

Mr. Hand!

"I wish I could get closer to the pump!"

(Click this to see something awesome!)
An Irish Hooley!
Kevin Horton and Keara Osborne!

The Death Star over San Francisco!


Dave Kingman and Rollie Fingers!

The Hulk vs. Superman!


You decide?!


A Classic!

Can you find the Cat?
Click photo for a larger version.

That was good!

Special thanks to Wikipedia and Google search for many of the photos on this page!