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Meeting of the Minds!

Directions: Complete the Meeting of the Minds résumé for the "thinker" assigned to you (please see below). Please fill in all spaces that are required to complete the "Meeting of the Minds Worksheet" and all spaces on the resume.

Here are some places in our old textbook to find additional information on your "thinker"!

In addition to these pages, you can always look in the index of the textbook for further information.

Aristotle: pages 15 and 19
Queen Elizabeth: page 43
Thomas Hobbes: page 55
John Locke: pages 55 and 59
King Louis XIV: look in index, not much there, but it may help.
Baron de Montesquieu: page 56
Rousseau: pages 54 and 57
Voltaire: pages 56 and 57
Simon Bolivar: pages 156, 158, and 161
Thomas Jefferson: page 70
James Madison: pages 70 and 72
Mary Wollstonecraft: page 57

After completing the résumé , please look at the other pages completed for the other thinkers and complete the "Meeting of the Minds Worksheet".

Give me the worksheet and your résumé .


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