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"You wanted the best, you got the best..."

Although this line is used to introduce the band KISS, it can also be applied to this page.
On this page, you will find everything you need to get started on geography in Mr. Jenkins' world history class. During the first week of class, I will ask you to print out the map packet for yourself.

It might be wise to print out two copies of each map. I would recommend that you print a second copy of the Europe map for the "nations of the former Soviet Union" section. We will look at countries in each region and then look at everything else (cities, mountains, rivers...) in each region. The maps that you will create will be used throughout the school year. They are for you to study. They will help you on map quizzes and on the map final.

The maps in the map packet are simply a starting point. You may use any maps you would like. You may make any maps larger or smaller. The maps in the map packet are not necessarily the best maps to use; they simply work for the class.

I will help you find each of the items listed on the map packet in class. If you miss class, feel free to refer to your textbook or the Internet in order to fill out your maps.

I generally give you TWO weeks to prepare and study for map quizzes when a region is assigned. There is trivia included on ALL quizzes involving Roman numeral II sections of each region. No trivia will be included on the map final.

Note: (This should be obvious) Students may not use notes on map quizzes or the map final.

Many thanks to Google search for the photos on this page!

Geography / Map Final
(Come on! Are you serious?)

The geography (Map) final is scheduled for:

5 / 8 / 20 (3rd and 5th Period)

The geography trivia final is scheduled for:

5 / 13 /20 (3rd and 5th Period)

You have one week to retake the geography exam or take the geography exam if you missed the first "take".
All retakes are 70% max.

The map final is scheduled for:

Geography/Map Links!

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