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Frequently Asked Questions!

Unfortunately these questions are not asked frequently enough. I'm sure that there are other questions, but these will serve as a start.

Feel free to ask any other questions or please refer to the course contract below for more information.


Check out the "Home Versions" of both economics and world history! Click on the link to the left for more!

"What do I do when I miss class?"

This is easy! Refer to the "Room P-10" section above and check the agenda for what you missed as soon as possible. Please consider coming in on a day that you normally would not be in P-10 (In other words, do this as soon as possible).

Obvious suggestion
Try not to miss class. I told you it was easy.

Another suggestion
Talk to someone else from class before or as soon as you return. So easy.

Finally, after you have tried these suggestions, talk to me or email me. Make this a habit and a priority. You'll thank me later and save yourself unwanted and unnecessary stress.

If you miss class and you want to make up points lost for participation, complete ONE set of “section assessment” questions at the end of the chapter we are currently looking at in the textbook for each day missed. I will give you a weekly participation grade based on your attendance and your notes and/or use of your planner. You will have ONE WEEK to complete the section questions when you get back to class. Look on the "Alternate Assignments for Missed Classes!" page for additional details.

The best thing that you can do is not miss class!

"What if I am really behind and feel like there is no point in working on my grade?"

You would be surprised how much can be accomplished if you will only contact me. I will work hard to get you back on track.

Once you are "on track", let's try to stay "on track". This is the easiest way to avoid this uncomfortable situation.
"Are major assignments in economics due on the assigned due date?"

Yes. The stock project and "the big pitch" (business project) are due on the due date at the start of class (stock) or when you were assigned a time to present (business). Don't be tardy. You had plenty of time throughout the project and opportunities in class to finish early.

Please see the Stock Project and Starting a Business Project pages on this site for more information.

"No Excuses accepted?"

As discussed at the beginning of the class, only jail is an acceptable excuse. Bring proof from the jailer when you return to class. You had plenty of time throughout the project and several opportunities in class to finish early.

"What about major assignments or projects for world history class? Are they due on the assigned due date?"

The simple answer is: yes. Many, if not most are "electronic" in nature. In world history we begin, work on, and try to finish the larger assignments in class (I want to help you). You should be able to get everything done and have it sent to me by the due date. The beauty of electronic assignments is that you do not have to be in class to turn them in.
This would include (but is not limited to): Legal Codes, Meeting of the Minds, Industrial Revolution Scrapbook, Propaganda, Letter Home from the Front, Annotated Bibliography, and the Final Project.

See above for
any "e
xcuses" questions.

The best thing that you can do is not miss class!

If you do not miss class, you are there to start the work, you are there as we work together to complete the work, and you will be there to complete and submit the work.
So simple.
"What about Homework?"

There is always something to do. I may not expect you to do many formal assignments at home, but there are always readings, study guides, and maps. As I see it, you have to be able to give me around twenty minutes a day to stay organized for class. Why not review your maps (World History) or part of the chapter? At least work on your exam study guide. At a minimum you should improve your quiz and exam grades!

"What is the main expectation for class (any Jenkins class)?"

In my classroom I have one basic rule around which all others revolve.  Treat others with respect!

This has always been and will continue to be the basic rule in class. 

I expect each involved in this classroom (including myself) to live by this rule.  Other rules may follow, however they will all build upon this basic creed: treat all others in this classroom as you would want them to treat you. The idea behind this creed has been with us for many centuries. Some may believe it to be old fashioned, but I believe it is as important today as ever. 

This expectation includes the use of words and/or phrases that can hurt some (anyone) in this class.  Carefully consider the way you speak. Be assured that I will consider the way we speak while I prepare participation and final grades. Come to class prepared, awake, and with a good attitude. Your attitude can take you far and in many different directions...some good, some bad.

Each of us has the right to learn (if we so desire) and no one has the right to interfere with this. Please be courteous and considerate.


Emeril BAM!
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Heath Jenkins,
Aug 6, 2019, 8:27 PM
Heath Jenkins,
Aug 6, 2019, 8:27 PM