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Economics: The Home Version!

You can still turn in "old" work! Take pictures of your old work, and explain what you want me to look at. Let's keep the work rolling in and bring up our grades! 
You can also do the work using the attachments on this site. Simply download the assignment, complete it, and share it with me! Wow! That was simple...and good!

If you missed the classwork check, the assignments numbers were:
1st period: 5, 7, 8, 15, 20
4th period: 5, 7, 8, 13, 19
7th period: 5, 7, 8, 14, 15
Take a picture, send it (them) to me.

Tuesday 3/17/20 and Wednesday 3/18/20

1. Please complete part three of the stock project (Annual Report Analysis).

You can find everything that you need for the assignment on the Stock Project page of this site.
You will need the attachments:

"Analyzing an Annual Report"

"Annual Report Assignment Explanation"

 and "How to Read an Annual Report"

 Share the assignment with me.

2. Complete another stock project article and connection (or work on finishing all of them). Share with me.

3. Start working on business questions 11 -15.

Thursday 3/19/20 and Friday 3/20/20

1. If you played monopoly in class on Thursday 3/12/20 (1st and 4th period), please complete the assignment "Monopoly", take a picture of your answers to the questions, and send me the picture. 
If you would like to complete the assignment "online", you may complete the answers on a Google doc and share it with me.
If you did not play monopoly (1st / 4th / 7th), please complete the alternate assignment on the "Alternate Assignments for Missed Classes" page for "Monopoly" (left hand side of the page). Please share with me. 
Please complete the following if you missed the entire activity: Textbook, page 140, assessment questions 1 - 5 AND page 147, "Assessment" questions 1 - 5 AND page 153, "Assessment" questions 1 - 5

2. Send me another stock project article and connection.

3. Work on business questions 11 -15.

Monday 3/23/20

If you did not finish "credit cards and consumer debt", please finish, take a picture of the pages, and send to me.

Tuesday 3/24/20 and Wednesday 3/25/20

Alright, it's time for us to start "cleaning up" some loose ends.

1. Please finish the microeconomics study guide. Take pictures and send to me.

2. It's time to wrap up the articles for the stock project. Make sure you have ten articles with connections. Look at the "stock project" page on this site for further instructions. You need to have five micro connections and five macro connections (please don't forget the links to the articles with the connections.

3. Please complete part six of the stock project. It is one page, answering two questions: "what did you learn?", and "if you had to do the project over (buying / selling stocks), what would you do differently?".

4. Don't forget to complete your ads (radio and tv). The deadline is 4/1/20.

5. Finally, keep working on business questions 11 - 15.

Thursday 3/26/20 and Friday 3/27/20

It looks like some of you are keeping up with the work. Good. Some of you need to get moving (remember graduation?) We should have most of our "loose ends" cleaned up at this point.

Now is the time to put the finishing touches on the stock project.

We need to finish part five.

I don't know if you remember, but we did a very small part of this when we bought our stocks. We put our first day purchases into a pie chart.

Take out your stock project handout, look at part five (page three).

Here is the link:


1. Include your first day pie chart in part five.
2. Let's ignore the last day pie chart (#2 on the list). Cross it off of your handout. Do it now.
3. Let's ignore the line graph(s) (#3 on the list). Cross it off of your handout. Do it now.
4. Now let's look at the questions for part five. We are only going to answer questions "a" and "b". Cross out questions "c" and "d". Do it now.
You cannot answer questions "c" and "d". Please don't try.
Simply be honest with your answers to questions "a" and "b". Act like we are talking to each other.
5. Include the answers to these two questions in your part five.

Now, let's put it all together. I want ONE document.
Start with part one (introduction).

Add part two (initial buy).

Next, put part three (annual report analysis) on the document.

Now part four (articles).
Give me all of the articles you did electronically (put them on the document). Don't forget, I'm looking for ten articles, five micro, five macro. And don't forget the links to each of your articles. If you did some or all of the articles on paper, it is a little trickier. Take pictures of all of your articles AND connections. see if you can put these onto your document (the project) if not, send them to me in separate attachments with the project itself. Remember, if you did the first article with us in class, you should have the connection sheet attached to your stock project handout. Take a picture of it. Don't worry about the article for this one. If you did it in class on that "first" day, I've got you covered.

Add part five (you just did that / see above).

Add part six. I asked you to do this.

All ONE document. Send it to me

More to come next week regarding the business project...

"Dancing in the moonlight
Singing in the rain
Oh, it's good to be back home again"
- Home Again by Blackmore's Night

Good News! Now everyone can "play" economics at home.