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Mr. Jenkins' Economics Course Information
More of the good stuff! Here we go!

Remember, all work is due by the beginning of class (unless otherwise directed)!
                       Textbook: Economics (Pearson)

Check out the "Home Versions" of both economics and world history! Click on the link to the left for more!

Topic (Chapter) Readings
  • Topic One: Fundamentals of Economics
  • Topic Two: Free Enterprise and Other Economic Systems
  • Topic Three: Demand, Supply, and Prices
  • Topic Four: Competition and Market Structures
  • Topic Five: Business and Labor
  • Topic Six, Section Seven: Stocks

Topic (Chapter) Readings

  • Topic Six, Sections 1 - 6: Money, Banking, and Financial Markets
  • Topic Seven: Economic Performance and Challenges
  • Topic Eight: Taxes and Spending
  • Topic Nine: Fiscal and Monetary Policy

Important Note: The final day to turn in late, old, missing or incomplete work for all classes in the first semester (The Drop Dead Date) is: 

Friday 12 / 13 / 19

by the end of 1st period.  

The second semester Drop Dead Date for all classes is
Friday 5 / 22 / 20

by the end of 1st period.
Major Assignments

1. Stock Project
Please see Stock Project! page for details.

Only Acceptable Excuse:
(Please Bring Proof!)

Note: You can get no better than a "C" grade if turned in after the due date (start of period) and by the second chance date.

"Third Chance" Due Date:
None. Don't bother. Too late.

2. Starting a Business Project
Please see Starting a Business! page for details.

Only Acceptable Excuse: Jail! (Please bring Proof!)
Unfortunately, there is no real "second chance" on this one.

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