This is the official site for Mr. Jenkins' World History and Economics courses at Oak Ridge High School!

              If you would like to contact Mr. Jenkins, please see below.
Room P-10

If you are a student, consider P - 10.

Mr. Jenkins can be reached in room P - 10 most days before school, at the break, during lunch, and after school.

Please come in when you have a question, when you have missed a class, or need to make up work. You will find that it will take only a few minutes and that it is well worth the time.

Remember, there is a limited amount of time to take care of missed work, so take care of it sooner, not later. I'll make time for you if you come in and see me.

The best thing that you can do is not miss class.



Important Note: The final day to turn in late, old, missing or incomplete work for all classes in the first semester (The Drop Dead Date) is: 

by the end of 1st period.  

The second semester Drop Dead Date for all classes is

by the end of 1st period.

Final Words

Writing across the curriculum is a school-wide goal at Oak Ridge High School. Therefore, students will have standards-based writing assignments in each of Mr. Jenkins' courses.

Mr. Jenkins' courses support the Oak Ridge High School Honor Code. For more information regarding the Honor Code, please refer to the course contract.

We at Oak Ridge High School are concentrating on building information literacy skills so that our students will be able to efficiently locate and effectively use quality information in answering questions and solving problems.  These skills will form the foundation for lifelong inquiry, learning, and problem solving.  We teach these skills within the meaningful context of assignments in the content area and within a research model that helps students determine information need, identify and locate the best information sources, and use that information in the creation of unique products.